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Transportation of the deceased in the entire territory of Serbia with specially adapted vehicles.
Transportation of the deceased in the entire territory of Europe, including: France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Macedonia, former Yugoslavian countries…
We offer the services of organizing the entire funeral in the territory of Serbia, including buying the funeral supplies, transporting and helping with the organization.
In our store, you can find a great assortment of caskets, crosses, flower arrangements, candles and other supplies…

Funeral supplies

Funeral supplies are intended for preparing the deceased person. They include: caskets and coffins (all sizes and designs), crosses, wreaths, flower arrangements, clothes and shoes. We offer a large assortment of funeral caskets of various materials and designs, at very affordable prices. You can look at our catalogue of funeral supplies. You can find the highest-quality supplies in our store at any moment: caskets and coffins, crosses, flower arrangements, candles, all in the price range adapted to the needs and possibilities of the client.

In RADOVIĆ INTERNACIONAL’s offer of funeral supplies, you will find complete supplies for the preparation of the deceased and a dignifying funeral. Over 30 types of caskets, crosses, liner, mourning clothes, all types of flower arrangements and bouquets made in our flower shop, flower arrangements made of real and artificial flowers, wreaths, grave decorations, lanterns, censers…

In our offer, we especially highlight the assortment of caskets and coffins, among which we provide different designs for different customs and religions of the deceased. Each casket is accompanied by a fabric liner in different colors, and, of course, crosses and pyramids.